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segunda-feira, 3 de setembro de 2012

Some study that I used to know.

Só para descontrair um pouco e ressuscitar esse blog que anda meio que na mesmice ultimamente, postemos algo diferente hoje.
É bem provável que você conheça a música abaixo, um dos hits internacionais do momento:

Se não conhece, em que planeta você vive? Mas enfim, o motivo desse post não é a música do Gotye, e sim a paródia que fizeram dela. Simplesmente hilário:

Pensando no leitor que não escuta bem o inglês, segue abaixo a letra:

Now and then I think of what I learned in high school
Like AP Bio and British Literature
Is that igneous or metamorphic
I don’t need to write an iambic
I’ll admit I know shit about Millard Fillmore

Why did I have to learn this stuff?
It is never coming handy;
Never used it for nothing
Why did we read the Scarlet Letter?
Puritans are boring even when one is a slut

There's actually one thing I still know
Eli Whitney he invented the cotton gin
Definitely do not need that though
Now it's just a study that I use to know
Now it's just a study that I use to know

Now and then I think of all the things I taught you…
Every hand out with a Farside Cartoon appropo
You don’t want to live that way
Forgetting every word I say
You said you'd never let it go
I guess mneumonic devices just wasn’t enough for you though

You really freaking pissed me off
I worked so hard to teach you something, now you don’t know nothing
What does the conch symobolise or anything beyond the first three digits of pi?
And what about SohCahToa or asexual reproduction of the Protozoa
I guess you didn’t need that though
Now it’s just a study that you use to know
A study (I use to know)
Now it’s just a study that you use to know (I use to know, I use to know)

Agora, diz aí, o que você ainda lembra dos tempos em que era estudante?

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